From the CEO

Greetings from Bhutan and Chhundu Travels !!!!

I am happy to inform all our readers and prospective travelers that Chhundu Travels is one of the oldest travel companies in Bhutan. Established in 1986 as a ticketing firm, our history and journey as one of the most professional and efficient travel agency in the country is tied and very closely linked with the history and growth of the Tourism Industry itself in Bhutan.

Chhundu Travels, a Bhutan Tour Company established in 1986

Our company’s history and growth is closely tied to the development of the tourism sector in Bhutan.

We know our country as Druk Yul, literally meaning the Dragon Country

Our country is known as “Bhutan” to the outside world. For the Bhutanese, we know our country as Druk Yul...

Bhutan Cultural Tour

make a small offering and you will be rewarded with a blessing from the lama’s wooden and bone phalluses and his iron archery. Mothers to be pray for fertility goddess and then select their future baby’s name from a collection of the bamboo slips.
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Druk Path Trek

The trek begins above the National Museum; we climb till we reach camp. If the weather is clear the Paro valley and the snow-capped mountains can be seen. The campsite is near the old Jele Dzong. If the caretaker is there you can visit the Dzong. Altitude 3,350m; Distance 10 Km; Time 3 – 4 hours.

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Jhomolhari Base Camp Trek

This trek to Shana starts at Drukgyal Dzong following the Paro river and we pass cultivated fields and tiny picturesque villages. The forests are alive with numerous birds and brightly coloured butterflies. Overnight at camp Shana. Altitude 2,820 m; Distance 14 Km; Time 5 – 6 hours.

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