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What is the SDF & how is it used?

The SDF is the Sustainable Development Fee, a daily levy paid visitors to support Bhutan’s Development.

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Bhutan Cultural Tour Packages

The traditional books kept on the upper floor of the building are Tibetan – style, printed or written on long strips of handmade paper stacked between pieces of wood and wrapped in silken cloth. There are also some wooden blocks that are used for printing books and prayer flags. There is also a collection of English –language books, modern academic texts, travel books etc. 

Bhutan Trekking Packages

Bhutan is swiftly developing its reputation as a premier destination for adventure sports. Set amongst the majestic Himalayas our kingdom is the perfect location for all manner of exciting activities including Hiking, Trekking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Fishing. Whether it’s rafting down crystal clear, glacier-fed rivers or trekking through lush, virgin forests Bhutan offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment.

Bhutan Festival Tour Packages

Tshechu is a religious event. It is celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar, corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rinpoche. However, the exact month varies from place to place and temple to temple. The festival (tshechu) tour will allow you to witness mask dances in various temples, monasteries and dzongs throughout the country.