About Bhutan

Key Facts

Surface area 38,394 sq. km.
Location China in the north and India in the east, west and south
Population 671,083 (2008)
System of governance Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
National Language Dzongkha
National Currency Ngulturm
National Animal Takin
National Bird Raven
National Tree Cypress
National Flower Blue Poppy
Capital Thimphu
Districts 20
Blocks 205
Local time 6 hours ahead of GMT
Country code + 975



Our country is known as “Bhutan” to the outside world. For the Bhutanese, we know our country as Druk Yul, literally meaning the Dragon Country. There are very little written sources on the history of Bhutan.


Difficulties in access have resulted in diversities in languages and ways of life that visitors do not expect in a country of less than a million people. Inaccessibility meant that people had only themselves to rely on.


Traditional beliefs in Bhutan continue to reinforce respect for and even worship of the environment. Bhutan ranks in the top 10 percent of countries with the highest species density in the world.

Art and Architecture

Bhutan places great emphasis on conservation of tangible arts as well as intangible ways of life and customs. The categorization of arts and crafts into 13 forms was initiated in the 17th Century.


Religion plays a central role in everyday lives, from celebrating a birth to helping the dead transition. Buddhism is recognized as the spiritual heritage of Bhutan with a majority of people practicing the Mahayana tradition.

Political systems

Bhutan’s adoption of the present system of governance in 2008 is often depicted as a rapid transformation. However, our political history show that our Kings made farsighted decisions to prepare the country for these changes.

Socio-economic Development

Bhutan’s overall development philosophy is expressed in the phrase Gross National Happiness (GNH). GNH was conceived by His Majesty the Fourth King as, in the words of the Prime Minister of Bhutan, “the beacon of Bhutan in its search for greater well being”

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